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See how using this card has helped others attract wealth fast.

Amazing, I bought the money magic card on 10-19-11 and the same day I went to San Manuel Casino, I was holding the card together with my other money and after I pulled the slot machine 3times I hit $1,000.00, I left the casino and go home. That was a wonderful day for me. Then today, 10-21-11, I just made another $400.00 in my stocks trading. Is this amazing or what....I will keep you guys posted about all the good things that are happening in my life with money magic card.

Cher-Walnut CA


"This is really awesome I don't know what is going on but I can tell you I like it. I got the Magic Money Card just two days ago. Now mind you that I contemplated for about a month. Not because I didn't believe in it but because 8 dollars was more then I had at the time. I know pretty sad. Anyways I got the card like I said a couple of days ago. I am an MT and business had been slow. It's been like this for months. Now since I got the card which I put in my wallet. I was going to put it by the phone but I didn't want it messed with. Anyways the phone wont stop ringing. I've made like 400 dollars in two days. I will be ordering more. Thank you for this, this card will help so many people. "
God Bless and thank you,
Karen H

“My Magic Money Card brought me the money gift of a $500 medical bill being excused. It also brought me an unexpected check from an old investment.” I also received two orders on for my “Ageless Woman Workout.”
Jeannine M-M

“I was at a Master Mind meeting and purchased a Magic Money Card from Janice Marie and with great enthusiasm placed it near the money part of my wallet. As I sat down in front of a beckoning slot machine, I smiled at my Magic Money Card as I removed a $20 bill and placed it in the machine. I was ecstatic when coins flashed in front of me on the screen and behold a $300 voucher. "
-Joan P.

“I own a painting company which had been slow until I got a Magic Money Card. Now I am getting many calls to bid on jobs.”
-Theresa L.

“ Magic Money Cards were the perfect gift for both my friend, a public speaker and author and my niece who had been unemployed. After giving them these gifts about a week later my friend called and said she was getting booked to speak at higher rates and my niece found a job within a couple weeks.”
-Judy O.

“I have been in the Send Out Cards business (multi-level marketing) and was struggling to get to the manager position. As soon as I got my Magic Money Card I had two new members sign which brought me to manager status.” I also gave one to my husband and he swears by it!"
Nina, Manager Send Out Cards

“Just wanted to let you know that one of my clients gave me a Magic Money Card when he knew I was in dire straights to get a building leased. Soon after I received it, like a miracle, I received the tenants needed. Thank you!!!"
Lori D.

“Being an event planner I decided to buy Magic Money Cards for key employees, especially in the sales and accounting departments. Within one week we booked a private party with a budget of $150,000!”
Carrie H.

“After receiving my Magic Money Card and praying for guidance I made a seamless switch to working for a much better company. I am now much happier and more creative. I keep it in my purse.”
-Melanie B.

I bought 2 Magic Money Cards (one for me and one for my husband) in Lake Tahoe, California over the weekend. My husband and I won $40 in 45 min. playing craps at a casino after purchasing your uplifting and beautiful cards. Thank you.

"Between the Magic 8 Card and the Novina, you can't imagine what's happening!! I am getting so much recognition at work it's incredible. At first it was just a verbal "you're doing a great job" from my boss. This week it's a written email from one of my distributors "Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. I can see your efforts are really paying off in increased sales," followed up by emails of praise from my boss and bosses boss. I did receive MONEY!! Social Security found a 401K or Pension in my name from when I worked at MCI - $2500!!! My money card is working for me!!! " -Toni R.

“ Ever since I put the Magic Money card on my cash register of my retail store, sales have increased. Things are now great!”
- Lynn H.

“As manager of a neighborhood restaurant and bar, I can attest that business has really picked up since placing the Magic Money Card on our bar register.”
- Carlos A.

“ Receivables have doubled since placing the Magic Money Card
on my computer.”

- Maria C.

“ Right after placing the Magic Money Card in my wallet I played at my favorite casino and hit a royal! I have kept it there and my luck continues to beat the odds in Vegas! "
- Jim S.

“ I received my magic Money Card last year, placing it in my wallet.
Now I look at my stock portfolio, up 30%- Who knows? In my wallet it stays!”

- Tom C.

“My sales and clients have doubled since placing the Magic Money card in my business card case.”

- Regina M.

"I found the job that fit me after placing the Magic Money card in my wallet.”
- Lawanda H.

"My house finally sold after months on the market right after receiving my Magic Money Card. Thank you for such a simple solution!”
- Ann P.

I just got one of your Money Cards from Wise Awakenings in Bellingham Washington.  I have already received more cash and even found cash in the middle of the street.

"The stories are coming in:
Client: Stated one of her clients owed her $1500 from 5 months ago, within 2 days of receiving her money card, the client sent her a check in the mail, she had a new client, who approved the contract and paid in full in advance of the ad!!!!

Client: 21 year old going to college, needed car, computer and scholarship. Within 6 hours after receiving her magic money card, her grandfather unexpectedly gave her $100 bill. Within a week she received a full scholarship, her mom bought her a laptop for school and dad bought her a car.

As I was telling another client the above 2 stories, she advised she was going to purchase a Magic Money Card before she left the store, within 2 minutes her real estate agent called, stated they were showing her house for the 2nd time and an offer is forthcoming (and yes it did materialize).
Many blessings and returns,"

-Diane General Manager Synchronicity

" Everything was against me in my divorce case before I bought my Magic Money Card. After I bought it and placed it in my wallet my case turned around and settled in my favor."

"After receiving my Magic Money Card my settlement for my accident case came in the mail! I bought one for my mother who likes to gamble at Indian casinos. After she put in in her purse, she won a royal for $1000.00!!"
-Krystal L.

" After carrying Magic Money Card in my tattoo shop my phone has been ringing like crazy and I am busier than ever."
-Henry, Star Image Tattoo

" I don't know what it is, but after receiving my Magic Money Card I have not been broke since."
-Racheal H.

"When you sent me the cards, things had been very slow in our store. I took the card that was for the store and placed it in the twenty slot of my register. We did more business the following day than we did during the entire week before. Since then there have been a few days with little or no income but it gets made up for THE NEXT DAY. Thank you for pushing me into having these cards in my store."
-John H


"I just wanted to let you know something happened to me off guard.I am a member on this christian website as a prayer volunteer and i pray for this one lady named XXXX she contacted me because she is dying of cancer and she listed me as a benefiaciary and is awarding me 3.5 million dollars"
-Kristina B

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