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Numerology Events & Readings by phone or in Las Vegas

Numerology Readings and Events

Numerology Readings
E mail to set up your appointment for a phone reading with our numerologist.
This numerology reading is based on the 52 playing cards and will give indicators as to what is influencing your year.

$44.00 (Includes one (1) Magic Money Card)

Numerology for Weddings
Ask a numerologist what wedding date is best for you.
Plan with the numbers!
This reading will give the meanings for up to five (5) possible wedding dates explaining the vibration of the wedding date path.

$38.00 (Includes two (2) Magic Money Cards for a prosperous marriage.)

Numerology for Home and Work
Know the number vibration meaning before moving into a new home or business address or find out the meanings of your current addresses.
This reading will give meanings for up to four (4) addresses.

$28.00 (Includes two(2) Magic Money Cards for home and work.)

Lunch with the Cards (Event)*
Playing cards mean more than just a tool for blackjack and poker, they can actually reveal your personality!
Enjoy lunch with a numerologist to find out what your birth card reveals about you.
Are you a diamond, heart, club, or spade? What about your number?
Find out at this thought provoking and entertaining luncheon to discover key insights about yourself and others.
Each guest will be given an individual personality profile.
This is a fun filled, interesting and ancient theory – one that everyone can enjoy!

$600.00 Group Investment (Up to 20 people.)
* Guests pay lunch separately at choice of restaurant. Event price is based on Las Vegas area. If event booked outside of Las Vegas, client agrees to provide travel and lodging expenses for numerologist.

Make a payment not listed above for an event or reading!
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*Please Note: We are Happy to ship outside the US, however we may need to send an additional bill through paypal for shipping. Your card will be sent once the full payment is made. Thank You.


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